Imagine if...

You were more productive

You were more organized

You had a plan to accomplish your goals

You had more self discipline & more accountability

I help aspiring entrepreneurs get their sh*t together to stay on task, get productive and hold them accountable to launch their biz.

From half assed to full CEO.

Half Assing:




1. Doing something with little effort & not following through 100%

I know you're ready to

Take action on your ideas

Up level and make more money

Be the one that turns full CEO

What are you waiting for? 

Let’s get your sh*t together and launch your dream business! 


What are my clients saying...

“Prior to working with Brittany, I had a tight schedule and couldn’t figure out how to prioritize what I was doing and what I wanted to do. This led to my schedule becoming a bit unorganized. 

Not only has my schedule opened up a bit more, but because I've been better with my time management, I have now figured out where to focus my energy. You're easy to talk to, thank you for everything B! “

| Paul Wright |

| Osa Aigbuza |

“Britt is a problem solver. She has a very kind heart with a no nonsense approach to getting sh*t done. I struggled with having a lot of ideas which caused me to lose sight of what I was trying to accomplish.


Having Brittany as my productivity coach was like having someone that was a part of my team. She supported my vision while also holding me accountable & staying on my a** to make sure I followed through with what needed to be done! Through her action plans & timelines I was able to accomplish many of my goals.”


Are you ready to hit start and ACTUALLY launch your business?

Are you ready to get your sh*t together? 


Key benefits of working with me













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