Do you want to learn my 5-step framework so you can launch and scale your biz with ease? 


Is this you?

Do you feel like every time you sit down to start a new task, you get distracted by the minor to-dos that don't do ANYTHING for your business?

Do you find yourself feeling stuck on what tasks to prioritize and feel like you have a hard time knowing which ones are the right ones?

Are you frustrated with never being able to cross things off your to-do list?

Are you feeling defeated every time you buy a new planner thinking you're going to stay on task, only to find your planner BLANK by the end of the year?

Do your friends and family consistently ask you about your business idea and you're forced to say it still hasn't launched or scaled? 

My 1:1 coaching program is designed to give you the tools, strategies, and systems you need to help keep you productive and on task so you launch or scale your business like you keep "saying" you are!

Where beginning & aspiring entrepreneurs take action to launch and scale their business. 

If you feel like…

You need a clear & concise plan to take your biz from “idea” to “in service”

You need someone to hold your a$$ accountable & give you clear direction every day

You need a system to follow so you can start taking actionable steps in your biz


You need the support to take action & be consistent

You need a push to hit start & scale! 

I am the coach for you & I got YOU! 


You are talking to the productivity queen who has a system for everything I do. & if you haven't realized by now,I am VERY Type A, know how to get sh*t done and make things happen 😜.


By holding my clients accountable & helping them implement the proper systems & strategies, I have seen them not only launch their business but TRIPLE their monthly income. 

What are my clients saying...

“I learned more about myself and the things holding me back over 8 sessions with Brittany than I've learned in 27 years. Her effectiveness is unlike anything I've come across - she challenges you to be great with absolute genuineness.” 

“Having Brittany as my productivity coach was like having someone that was a part of my team. She supported my vision while also holding me accountable & staying on my a** to make sure I followed through with what needed to be done! Through her action plans & timelines I was able to accomplish many of my goals.”


Our 3 months together will take you from:

Half assed to CEO

An idea to a profitable BUSINESS! 

Scattered to structured

Overwhelmed to productive 

In 3 months, imagine if:

  • Imagine how different your life would be if you could actually STICK to all of your tasks allowing you to spend LESS time on your biz so you can spend more time with your friends & family.

  • Can you imagine how it would feel to look back at your goals list at the end of the year, and realize you met EVERY SINGLE ONE?

  • Imagine being able to follow easy and repeatable systems and strategies that actually allow you to propel your biz forward.


  • Can you imagine sitting down to work & you know exactly where to start & what to get done?


  • Imagine you are finally launching and scaling what you've been talking about for so long! 


  • Can you imagine you are in a solid momentum of moving the needle forward to bring in more income?

1:1 Coaching packages 

VIP Package

Weekly 1:1 sessions

Uplevel Package

Bi Weekly 1:1 sessions

Accountability Package

Monthly 1:1 sessions



  • 3 months of high level support. 

  • My 5-step framework to declutter your mind and achieve your goals. 

  • Personalized 1:1 sessions to fit your business goals. 

  • Project management board where your assignments, goals & plans will live. 

  • Daily access to me for when you need a push or a plan.

  • Intense accountability - I mean this in the best way possible 😝

  • Customized action plans

  • Customized systems & strategies to launch & scale 

  • Proven tools & methods that have allowed me to launch & scale a business

By the end of our 3 months together you'll be able to:

  • Have a clear plan of action to launch and scale your business.

  • Implement strategies that keep you on track

  • Stop scrambling and start scaling, strategically & consistently!

A little bit about me

Hi, I’m Brittany Caffo! I am an ICF certified Productivity Life Coach. I come from a corporate background and thrive off productivity & structure. I have learned all the systems & strategies it takes to launch and scale a business. 


The same strategies I teach you in my program are the exact methods I have used to launch and scale my own business. 


I break down all the steps it takes to get from start to SCALE! 

My coaching is perfect for you if:


You're looking to learn how to set proper realistic and achievable goals that actually move your biz forward.


You want to start holding yourself accountable with the right systems and tools.


You want to stop procrastinating and learn how to create to-do lists and prioritize your tasks list to actually scale your biz.



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