About Brittany Caffo

Getting your sh*t together:


/Phrase of Sh*t/


1. The process of finding your inner drive, evaluating, and taking systematic action

No matter where you are in your life, you can get your sh*t together in one facet or another. That is what I love about the meaning behind this phrase. 


It doesn't take a certain age, time or place, it just takes your own being and STARTING! 


My mission is to give entrepreneurs a mindset makeover through systems and strategies that transform your business and personal life. I take you from half assed to successful CEO.


Last year, I had just attended an inspiring women’s conference and got the push to hit start. To start my real journey. To start putting in the work. To create the life that I envision. It was time to step in to my purpose and tap in to my strengths. 


When we think back to being little and having those dream careers, mine was either a Special Education P.E. teacher (cute, huh?!) or a psychologist. Although those are not the paths I chose, my values around wanting to help others has never changed. 


I am a certified life coach with a background in Sociology and it is my passion to help others become more organized, efficient, and productive.